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Thank you, your help will be invaluable in promoting SMoooS, and we will be grateful for it!

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In order for your application to be considered, you must have first completed the website registration.

    Come intendi promuovere i nostri servizi? (facoltativo)
    How do you intend to promote our services? (facoltativo)
    ¿Cómo piensa promocionar nuestros servicios? (facoltativo)

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    How do we support you?

    • free demo of the platform
    • dedicated referral link
    • conversion tracking dashboard

    How do we thank you?

    • increasing percentage of revenue on your referral’s purchases
    • 120-day cookie tracking
    • 18-month lifetime

    How do we reward you?

    • Master Account with operational access to client platforms
    • Dedicated visibility space on the SMoooS website in the Recommended Agencies section

    What It Involves

    What Does the SMoooS Affiliate Program Include?

    Membership in the affiliate program, approved by our team following the application, entitles you to:

    • a unique and tracked referral link
    • a dedicated platform for monitoring referrals with:
      • a summary dashboard
      • dedicated referral links for various pages of the website
      • graphs
      • referrals
      • payments
      • visits
      • creative materials to support promotion

    How Is Tracking Done?

    Tracking cookies will have a validity period of 120 days.

    Thanks to link tracking, we will be able to monitor all visits, registrations, and subsequent purchases made by Referral Users, i.e., users who land on the SMoooS website as a result of your promotion and recommendation activities.

    A Referral User is attributed to the affiliate who first directs them to the website.

    What Does Referral Mean?

    Let’s Define 3 Progress States for Referral Users:

    • Referral Visitor

    Has only visited the website

    Does not generate commissions for the Affiliate

    • Referral Registered

    Has registered a free account

    Does not generate commissions for the Affiliate

    • Referral Customer

    Has made at least one direct purchase on the website

    All purchases made on the SMoooS website starting from the first one and for a period of 18 months will generate percentage commissions for the Affiliate

    How are the commissions calculated?

    The percentage commissions awarded to the Affiliate on purchases made by their Referral Customers increase based on the number of Referral Customers attributed to them.

    From 1 to 3 = 5% Commission

    From 4 to 6 = 10% Commission

    From 7 to 9 = 15% Commission

    Over 10 = 20% Commission

    The percentage commissions are calculated on the net value of purchases.

    Canceled or unpaid purchases will revoke the generated commissions.

    Percentage commissions generated in the calendar month will be paid by the 10th day of the following month, upon invitation to invoice.

    Payment will be made according to the preferences indicated by the Affiliate

    What is the SMoooS Master Function?

    The Master Function can only be activated by Marketing and Communication Agencies on their SMoooS platform account for SMS & Email Marketing.

    Activating the Master Function allows access, through your account, to a series of sub-accounts connected to it.

    Affiliates who have at least 5 Referral Customers can request the activation of the Master Function.

    With the Master Function, the Affiliate can operate on the entire operational menu of the connected sub-accounts.

    However, the Affiliate cannot make purchases on behalf of the Referral Customer.

    What is the space dedicated to SMoooS TopMaster partners?

    The Affiliate Marketing and Communication Agency who reaches the attribution of at least 10 Referral Customers can request the publication of their logo and description on the SMoooS website, within a dedicated space on the recommended partners page by SMoooS.

    How to Join

    How can you apply?

    To access the affiliate program, the Master function, and the visibility space dedicated to our TopMaster partners, you will first need to register on the website.

    How to register on the SMoooS website?

    To register an account, click on the “Try for Free” button or directly on the link.

    After filling out all the required fields (including billing information, necessary to activate our services, intended for a business audience), you will receive an SMS with the OTP to be entered on the account activation page that will open automatically or via the link.

    How to transform your free SMoooS account into an Affiliate Account?

    In the reserved area, you will find the ‘Become an Affiliate’ Call to Action to apply.

    Membership in the affiliate program will be authorized by our team, who will activate a dedicated referral link and a reserved area with a dashboard for tracking your referrals and the commissions you will earn.

    How to request activation of the Master function?

    In the Affiliate Program dashboard, you will find the Call to Action to request the ‘Master Function.’

    Activation of the Master function, which allows access to the accounts of your referrals to manage all operations (except orders and payments), will be granted by our team upon specific request.

    How to obtain the Top Master qualification and appear on the website?

    The TopMaster qualification, which includes publication on the SMoooS website on the dedicated partner page with a logo and presentation text, will be awarded by our team.

    A necessary condition to obtain the qualification is the activation of at least 10 Referral Customer Accounts.