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Christmas is only a few weeks away, so it is time to plan and think about how to structure communications in the best possible way.

The main goal of the Christmas season, especially for e-commerce owners, is to bring as many consumers as possible to convert and thus purchase a product and/or service.

For this reason, it is important to seize the potential of the weeks leading up to Christmas to communicate with your community, give valuable information and exclusive discounts.

How to talk to your community for Christmas

It can be interesting and very useful to the community to send communications that can help solve the main problems regarding Christmas gifts: how to save money, what gift to buy and what to buy in a short time are just some of the main questions of the period. It can be useful to help the community by sending advice on choosing the right gift to buy, highlighting which products to focus on and which may be the most original. In these cases, it is effective to create real guides divided by recipients (for friends, family, etc.), by places (for example, the most beautiful Christmas markets you can buy the most special gifts at) or even by price, to speed up the search. During the Christmas season, consumers are often undecided because of the wide choice, so it is important to focus your communication on a selection of products, specifying their advantages and potential, highlighting them in the eyes of the possible customer. This method allows for greater ease of purchase, as the gift is at hand and facilitates the decision-making process.

In addition to these benefits, sending communications regarding the details of a product saves time at a hectic time of year. Including the direct link to the purchase of the chosen product in the email allows for a drastic reduction in time as the customer can order anything and receive it at home, just with one click and without further effort.

Another important and much valued aspect of the Christmas season undoubtedly concerns the desire to save money. One method to involve as many customers as possible is to include discounts and coupons within the emails or SMS sent. To not miss out on the offer, customer may be enticed to buy online and within a short time. Communicating a sense of urgency triggers people to want to find out more and take advantage of the moment due to the fear of missing out (the so-called FOMO, fear of missing out). Therefore, focusing on urgency and communicating a limited-time offer through countdowns with tight deadlines can encourage the user to take the desired action, making the communication effective and even more impactful.  

Christmas-themed subjects and graphics

The subject line should reflect the mood of the communication. Adding Christmas emoji, such as a Christmas tree ????, can capture the reader’s attention, intrigue and encourage them to open the message. Therefore, there is a need to experiment and be creative, as well as to focus on emotional and engaging language.

As the subject line, graphics are crucial to an email, especially if it deals with a particular theme such as Christmas. In fact, graphic is an element that immediately jumps out at you as soon as the user opens the email. You can include small icons that represent Christmas such as snowy and decorated trees, stars, and glitter, but also images that evoke sharing and family, typical Christmas emotions.

The advent calendar

An advent calendar is one of the most desired items during the Christmas season, as a personal gift but also for loved ones. So why not use this emotional leverage for a digital advent calendar?

A calendar that can drive as many customers as possible to conversion can be strategic to be sent via email (and why not, even as a text message reminder). You can include offers, coupons, or pills related to Christmas, such as Christmas recipes, or to the brand’s core business. This strategy makes it possible to retain the customer who will have a fixed appointment each day to discover a surprise

Follow up

To retain the customer, it is necessary to continue communication even in the days after Christmas. How? You’ll just have to send emails or text messages that allow the relationship established to be maintained. Some examples may be related to Wishes for a Happy New Year, but also new discounts and coupons for the New Year sales.

It is therefore important to structure and plan a detailed email and SMS communication with your users and to capture details and communicate in an innovative way. It is important to take care of the graphics and content in every part, always conveying value and keeping track of the results of the activities carried out, to improve performances and make them better.