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Organizing in a simple and clear way the profiling data of contacts within one or more lists and keeping them constantly updated, helps you communicate better with your community by structuring your content ad hoc.

Within the SMoooS platform, you can manage unlimited lists and unlimited contacts to whom you can address your communications sent on email and SMS channels.

Whether you already have your audience to be imported via .csv file , or you decide to customize the subscription form that will automatically feed one or more lists, the platform allows you to create all the profiling fields that you consider useful to segment and organize your contacts.

Setting up lists

Once a tangible list of contacts has been created, mandatory and non-mandatory user profiling fields can be created and managed, which are also visible to the contact or only to the admin.

The selected fields will help:

  • To filter lists either temporarily, such as for a single email campaign, or permanently by creating real sub-lists (virtual lists).
  • To customize the content of an email or SMS, through variables and dynamic fields.
  • To trigger automation, such as a welcome series based on the date of list subscription or birthday automation.

Here are some examples of profiling fields:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Business name
  • Type
  • Website
  • Origin
  • Date of entry
  • Email rating

Once a list and its fields have been created, the platform will automatically assign the source (import from file or opt-in enrollment), date of enrollment, and email and SMS evaluation to them.

In the email and SMS evaluation, the degree of recipient engagement is considered, which is calculated based on the percentage of reads and clicks made on the emails and SMS sent. The value expressed can change depending on the sending list, while recipients to whom campaigns have not yet been sent are assigned a default value that varies depending on whether the evaluation is present in other lists.

The importance of double opt-in

There is a system of verification during the registration phase of a contact to a list, called double opt-in, which unlike single opt-in requires double validation of the user before signing up. This method is important for data protection and especially for GDPR compliance.

It is crucial to protect the contact lists that are part of one’s database and especially the requested sensitive data linked to emails, which is why it is always optimal to make sure to adopt a double opt-in system.

The benefits of list building

If you already have an audience, with the platform you have the ability to upload unlimited contacts into unlimited lists. The added advantage is that when setting up lists, you can add unlimited profiling fields to have an even more precise target audience.

In addition, you can also create sublists, or virtual lists, based on the chosen profiling fields, just to facilitate the best possible experience with the platform.

In case you do not have an audience, you can customize a list sign-up form and embed it on your target website, thanks to the embedded form. This allows you to add a special section on your site for newsletter subscription, simply by filling in the required fields. Another avenue that can be taken is the creation of a landing page, which will have the format of an email, to be shared either by SMS or by QR Code.

Landing Pages

With the platform, it is also possible to create landing pages that can be containers for list subscription forms. They are an ideal tool to be able to enrich and improve the email marketing activity, creating a different solution for communication.

Through the creation of ad hoc landing pages, one can collect contacts and use call-to-actions to invite readers to take the action we desire.

SMoooS’s service makes it very easy to create pages, customize the URL, monitor the progress of the web page, and promote it via SMS.