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About Us

Carrier Italia S.r.l.: Your Advanced Telecommunications Solution

Founded in Rome in 2008, Carrier Italia S.r.l. is dedicated to providing tailored advanced telecommunication solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Our core business focuses on delivering VOICE and SMS services, both nationally and internationally, serving both wholesale and retail sectors.

Our target audience includes a broad spectrum, ranging from telecom operators, resellers, businesses, institutions, call centers, and installers worldwide. We offer innovative, reliable, and cost-effective services.

We take pride in our experienced technical and commercial team, with over 150 interconnections with international operators. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we turn their needs into customized solutions.

Carrier Italia is an esteemed partner, renowned for the quality, reliability, flexibility, and competitiveness of our offerings.

We are in constant growth and continuously invest in technology. Leveraging our expertise, we consistently expand our range of advantageous solutions, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and quality. We are the ideal partner for executing projects and collaborations with clients and suppliers.

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SMoooS | Chi siamo Carrier Italia

SMS and Email Marketing Platform

SMoooS, a multi-channel platform that targets small and medium-sized companies, agencies and associations as a tool to grow their business through SMS, Email, Landing Page and Agenda.

The platform is accessible from any computer or device via a proprietary application or directly from third-party applications and web servers via API link.

No software to install
No upgrades required
No restrictions
Maximum flexibility and freedom of choice

SMoooS Platform

innovation for your business

The multi-channel messaging platform SMoooS represents a leap forward for your business, offering you an intuitive and highly efficient experience.

With SMoooS, you have all the tools you need to successfully shape your communication strategy. You can gather contacts, convert them into customers, plan and launch targeted campaigns on segmented databases, and analyze detailed reports provided by the platform at the end of each action to optimize your future campaigns.

With SMoooS, you can send personalized SMS and emails using our plug-and-play Editor. The same editor allows you to create Landing Pages to send to your customers in a simple and intuitive way.

SMoooS services are easily accessible and intuitive to use, and you can use them independently by simply accessing the web platform with your credentials:

The services that SMoooS offers are easy and intuitive and can be used in extreme autonomy by simply accessing our web platform with your own credentials:

no Software installation
is needed

no Software updates
are needed

Accessible on any internet-connected device

With SMoooS you will be able to:

  • Acquire new contacts
  • Inform your customers
  • Remind appointments
  • Promote your business

In just a few steps you will be able to:

  • Import a single contact or a list of contacts with just one click
  • Personalize the Sender’s information
  • Send both instant messages and programmed messages
  • Verify the statistics of your campaigns

Discover the platform, try it!

Why send SMS?

The messaging world is divided into two main categories: P2P (Person to Person) messages exchanged between individuals and A2P (Application to Person) messages generated by applications.

While it’s true that the P2P market is gradually losing relevance as it’s being replaced by chat platforms (OTT), the A2P market is experiencing remarkable growth. This is due to the increasing need for security introduced by the digital world.

The A2P market is not only about sending PINs and OTPs but also transactional messages used by businesses to remind appointments, provide product updates, or services previously purchased.

SMS is an essential marketing tool, highly effective in supporting business activities. They are simple, versatile, fast, and cost-effective, with a high open rate.

SMS Marketing is ideal for reaching the target audience in real-time, without the need for active connections, and it offers precise audience segmentation. Short messages are clear and offer great value for money.

Businesses use them to communicate with customers, share data, information, and send reminders. Another advantage of SMS is their high open rate: 98% of SMS are read by recipients (90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent), a percentage that is hard to achieve with other channels like social media or email.