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Promote your business through SMS Advertising

Welcome to SMoooS, our innovative SMS Advertising Platform.

With SMoooS's SMS Advertising service, you can send your advertising messages via SMS to an external database of mobile numbers for which users have given their consent.

SMoooS offers you the opportunity to reach an audience that is not yet familiar with your company, promoting your services or products and increasing your sales.

It’s not just about sending campaigns to numbers belonging to existing customers, but expanding your reach to reach new customers through our lists.

Thanks to our updated Database, consisting of approximately (for Italy) 15 million GDPR-compliant contacts, you can precisely target your audience using customized filters, such as age, gender, postal code, based on your business needs.

But that’s not all! For an even more targeted service, we can provide you with customized lists based on the interests and habits of your target audience. Our

Database consists of contacts of people residing in Italy who have explicitly consented to be contacted by companies like yours.

The lists are constantly updated and periodically cleaned of non-existent, inactive, or duplicate numbers.

With SMoooS, you can reach new potential customers and create your advertising campaign in 3 simple steps:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Compose the message
  • Schedule and send the campaign

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