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Empower your business with Email Marketing

Welcome to our innovative Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing remains one of the most widely used and effective tools in Web Marketing for informing, promoting events, products, or your business.

With more than 50 templates available and the Drag and Drop Editor,you can easily create newsletters and DEMs for your offers and promotions with SMoooS Platform.
Creating effective Email Marketing campaigns is straightforward with SMoooS:

  • Create your message
  • Personalize the contents
  • Choose your recipients
  • Send intelligently

The Multi-Channel SMoooS Platform provides a comprehensive multiple-email control system to ensure high-quality delivery.
The content and language of the message are automatically checked and authorized to minimize the possibility of emails being marked as spam, thus preserving your IP reputation.
Furthermore, thanks to the advanced features of the platform, you can preview your email to ensure it displays correctly on different devices and email clients, maximizing performance.
The numerous control tools provided by the Platform include:

  • Preview in the customer’s mail service
  • Device preview
  • Intelligent anti-spam control

The platform allows you to:

  • Send thousands of emails easily and quickly
  • Automate sending
  • Analyze results to enhance your future campaigns
  • Send multiple campaigns simultaneously

Email marketing has never been easier thanks to the SMoooS Drag & Drop Editor!

You can decide whether you wish to use one of our over 50 templates, if you want to upload an HTML file or if you want to use our advanced program: K-Bricks.
K-Bricks is a drag & drop editor that allows you easily create a template for emails simply dragging and dropping text, images, call to action buttons and other elements that compose the template.