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Manage bookings online using SMoooS agenda

Online Booking Agenda

Do you need an intuitive solution to manage your online bookings?

SMoooS Scheduler is here for you. Discover how this innovative tool can enhance your organization and save you valuable time

What is the SMoooS Agenda

The SMoooS Agenda is a simple, useful and economic system for booking appointments online through a dedicated platform. You can easily manage all your appointments and your meetings with one click, which allows you to have a clear view of all your activities and services.

A simple solution that allows you to optimize your time and resources. It is a managing software for appointments in a shared agenda.

The importance of having an agenda today

Organization is the key element for every professional or business, big or small.
Organizing your business’s processes means innovating. Innovating is the key element for articulating any activity; businesses in every field need to adapt their business processes to the technological growth in order to obtain an advantage a better position themselves on a digital level. The businesses that don’t keep up with the technological advances are destined to stay behind risking to disappear. Agendas are the perfect tool to efficiently organize your working days.

How does the SMoooS Agenda work?

The main element on which the entire SMoooS booking system works is represented by the Agenda. An Agenda keeps track of services, it is a tool which allows all of its clients to book and manage meetings online, through web platforms and Apps.

With SMoooS you will be able to book appointments, consultations or services: with just one click you can decide the date and the hour as well as the service needed without any interaction with offices or third parties.

Thanks to this technology which synchronizes the various calendars, your clients can act in total independence: they will be able to change an appointment, see which slots are still available and book them all through a web platform without having to install any additional softwares.
Having an Agenda that is constantly updated in real time is a great advantage for any business, it helps save time and resources.

The SMoooS booking service is divided in two parts: The Business’s main Agenda and the Clients’ Agenda.

01. Business’s Main Agenda

Through the Main Agenda a business can create and activate one or more calendars based on their activities. A specific calendar can be assigned to one department or one person to manage. This helps define the various activities and services offered to the public, as well as manage opening hours and communications with the final client.

SMoooS | Agenda

02. Client’s Agenda

Through the Client’s Agenda the final client will be able to access the calendar and all of the services offered. He will also be able to book these services in a specific time and date.

SMoooS | Agenda
The two parts are constantly communicating with each other through smart messaging in case of confirmation, changes, or cancellation.

Characteristics of the SMoooS Platform

The SMoooS Platform does not require any software installation and can be graphically adapted to the client’s needs. What can you do with SMoooS?

  • Visualize your calendar and all the appointments through he use of filters and options
  • Manually book an appointment
  • Have a complete 360º view of all the booked appointments
  • Communicate with the various integrated messaging systems
  • Manage appointments and users
  • Visualize statistics
  • Organize and manage the entire booking activity
  • Many more advanced functions thanks to integrated advanced modules

Why choose the SMoooS Agenda

Our virtual Agenda is the winning tool for any activity because it offers three fundamental aspects:

Easy to Use

Our service puts the final client in the center of the attention and in order to make this possible we developed a product that is easy, intuitive and efficient. Thanks to the user-friendly language with just a few clicks anyone will be able to see the services offered and book them.


Thanks to a technologically advance system in constant development, in order to keep up with the growing market demands, the SMoooS Agenda is the ideal tool for the new concept of Business Organization making business-client interaction available 24/7.


With our service you will build an efficient and strong point of contact between the business offering the service and final client in need of the service.

Who is this Service meant for

The SMoooS booking system is meant for all those professionals, small and big businesses that need to offer a product a service or a consultation through appointments. Our agenda is able to meet all of your demands through its completeness and its high personalization options.

We can meet any demands required by the customer, from a small simple calendar to a more complex system for bigger businesses such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Health Departments and Local Departments. We also offer a variety of correlated advanced products such as online payments, IVR systems, Beacon technologies, FEA and much more.

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