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Maximize your business's potential with effective Landing Pages

Welcome to SMoooS, the platform for creating Landing Pages and Subscription Forms

Landing pages are the ideal tool to implement and further enhance the activities made possible by our business and marketing messaging solutions.

A Landing Page is a web page specially created to meet specific marketing needs and goals. It is the destination you ‘land’ on after clicking a link sent via SMS or shared on social networks. Landing pages are an essential tool to further empower the activities offered by our business and marketing messaging solutions.

A Landing Page is the key to acquiring leads, using effective calls to action, and presenting your company and its services using not only text but also images. An engaging and interactive landing page brings your brand to life and is crucial for achieving advanced results in marketing campaigns

Create Landing Pages with the SMoooS SMS and Email Marketing Platform

Our Landing Page service allows you to:

  • CREATE web pages very quickly and easily, without any need for technical knowledge
  • POST on the web the pages created, customizing the web address (url) to which they will be visible with the name of your company (e.g.
  • MONITOR the progress of your webpage, indicating detailed and general statistics based on both total and single views, number of clicks and the origin of the research.
  • PROMOTE your web pages with the use of SMSs without leaving the platform.

How do your contacts view your Landing Pages?

 The platform allows you to easily and immediately preview the page on different devices, that is how the page will be displayed by customers:

  • Your client will receive a normal SMS containing a Shortlink.
  • Your client will be able to access the web page that has been created with SMoooS by simply clicking on the link.
  • Your client will then be informed through complete and multimedia contents and you will be able to monitor the various statistics of the link, obtaining precious information.

How to create a Landing Page?

The SMoooS platform allows you to create your personalized web pages in a simple and autonomous way, completely FREE:

  • Choose a template or create one from scratch.
  • Customize it with images and text.
  • Include, if you want, a subscription form to a list on the platform.
  • Publish the landing page with a simple click

All of this thanks to:

  • A powerful, easy-to-use, and free Drag&Drop editor.
  • A wide selection of ready-made templates for easy customization to streamline your work.
  • A natively responsive system, optimized for viewing on any device (smartphone, PC, or tablet).

Premium Creativity - Premium Landing Page, a dedicated service

If you don’t have the time to create your own templates or need inspiration to promote your business or service, the Premium Creativity – Landing Page service is the ideal solution!

The SMoooS team and our Creative Partner Agencies provide you with all their creativity and expertise to create targeted and personalized landing pages according to your specific needs.

Maximize the potential of landing pages to grow your business!

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