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Rent lists of contacts

SMS and Email Marketing List Rental

Do you want to acquire new customers efficiently and quickly by harnessing the potential of the web and the network? To do so, you need highly profiled marketing lists.

SMoooS’ list rental service allows you to optimize your time and speed up your marketing strategy. How? Thanks to the instant messaging service provided by the SMoooS platform.

With the system provided by SMoooS, you can send targeted messages exclusively to people who match your target audience, filtering your target based on parameters such as gender, age, ZIP code, and other information relevant to you.

SMoooS’ database is profiled, updated, and GDPR-compliant, with 15 million phone numbers and 10 million email addresses obtained legally. You can send your campaigns to all contacts or reduce the number based on your needs, always keeping an eye on your campaign budget.

SMoooS’ list service is fully GDPR-compliant, in line with the new EU regulation on personal data protection. You can send your messages and emails securely and with peace of mind.

You won’t have any issues with privacy approvals or consents because the entire database is in compliance, consisting solely of contacts who have given explicit consent for the use of their data for marketing purposes.

Do you have specific requirements or special requests for building and sending your campaigns?

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