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Promote your business through targeted Email Marketing

Welcome to SMoooS, our innovative DEM Platform

The acronym DEM, which stands for Direct Email Marketing, represents a set of online promotion activities based on sending promotional emails to a pre-selected list of contacts.

Unlike newsletters, Direct Email Marketing has purely commercial objectives, such as acquiring new customers and retaining those already acquired.

SMoooS’s Direct Email Marketing service is the key to creating and sending targeted and successful email marketing campaigns.

In addition to the possibility of promoting campaigns to contacts you already have, thanks to our service, you will have an extra weapon:
promoting your products, your brand, or simply informing a slice of potential customers targeted according to certain filters or specifications.

Our DEM database consists of over 10 million contacts who, in compliance with current regulations, have joined and provided written consent to receive promotional emails.

Reaching new customers to promote and make your business known will be simple and intuitive thanks to the tools provided by SMoooS

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