SMS and Email Marketing Services for Marketing Agencies

Are you part of a Marketing and Communication Agency? The SMS and Email Marketing platform, SMoooS, will be your ally
Carrier Italia: Evolution in the World of Telecommunications and Marketing

With over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and more than 150 interconnections with major international operators, Carrier Italia has entered a new phase of growth. Now we put our expertise and professionalism at the service of a new audience, including Marketing and Communication Agencies, Companies, Commercial Activities, and Professionals.

Bringing SMS Effectiveness to the Retail World

Thanks to the powerful SMoooS platform, which provides complete control over every aspect of the marketing strategy, from creative aspects to sending, automation, and advanced reporting, SMS Marketing emerges as a fundamental tool for promotion.

With an incredible open rate of 98% (90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of sending), SMS Marketing is easy to use and cost-effective. It is an effective, direct, and immediate marketing tool.

Beyond SMS, We Offer Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

But it doesn’t stop there: the SMoooS Platform not only offers SMS services but also a powerful Email Marketing system with Cross-Channel Automations and detailed advanced reporting. Integrating the platform with other computer systems via APIs is very straightforward.

Join us in this new era of telecommunications and marketing. Carrier Italia is here to guide you in achieving success with effective and cutting-edge solutions.

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