SMS and Email Marketing Platform for Companies, SMEs, Commercial Activities, and Professionals

The flexible solution for your business with no fixed costs, simple and effective.

Leverage SMoooS for customer retention

SMoooS is the platform that allows you to keep your customers informed about products, promotions, events, and everything related to your business.
Thanks to an incredible open rate of 98% (90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of sending) and its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, SMS proves to be the best marketing tool for your business: simple, direct, and immediate!

SMS: Your ally in mobile marketing

An SMS is ideal for:



your customers about new products in-store


customers to participate in events


discount codes and coupons


new promotions, discounts, and updates


birthday wishe
SMS and Email Marketing Platform for Companies, SMEs, Commercial Activities, and Professionals

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Tips for Successful SMS:

  • Call to Action: Ensure your message has a clear call to action so readers know what to do.
  • Friendly Language: Use a friendly and simple tone.
  • Exclusive Content: Send exclusive content via SMS to make customers feel special.
  • Create Urgency: Use phrases like “today only” to prompt action.

With SMoooS, you can easily manage your SMS campaigns from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. In a few seconds, you can create and send campaigns to existing customer lists or request a targeted and segmented database from the SMoooS support team to reach new customers!

Need an intuitive solution to manage your client's bookings?

Manage Online Bookings with SMoooS Scheduler: the solution for receiving reservations and handling appointments in a simple, fast, and reliable way.

SMoooS booking service is ideal for professionals, businesses, and companies that offer appointment or reservation-based products or services. Our scheduler is highly customizable and suitable for the needs of every client, from small businesses to large corporate systems such as banks, insurance companies, healthcare, and local authorities.

Discover how SMoooS can enhance your organization and make online booking management a breeze.

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