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We Explain Why We Chose Our Gadget, or Rather, We’ll Tell You!


Once upon a time, there was a team of passionate communicators preparing for an epic event: the IAB Forum in Milan.

Their goal was clear – to create an unforgettable impact on event visitors and leave an indelible mark on their minds.

But how to do something truly extraordinary?

The answer came unexpectedly, just as the best ideas often do! One day, during one of their weekly alignment meetings, someone suggested giving visitors something unique, something that not only represented communication and performance but also embodied transformation.

And so, the idea of a pencil with basil seeds to plant was born.

The team immediately got to work, carefully planning every detail, and the pencils made from eco-friendly materials arrived at our offices in Rome.

But the magic was yet to happen

A team member took a pencil and planted the basil seeds with great enthusiasm. And, like communication that grows and develops, the small basil plant began to sprout. Days passed, and the basil grew vigorously, becoming a lush and fragrant plant.

The basil plant became a symbol of transformation, growth, and the team’s performance. Each day, as they watched the basil grow, the team reflected on their abilities to communicate, adapt, and overcome challenges. Like the basil, they were ready to grow and thrive in any environment.

But the story didn’t end there!

About a month before the IAB Forum, on a beautiful October day, the team gathered again, this time for a special team-building event. Using the basil grown with love and dedication, they prepared a delicious #MadeinOffice pesto and filled wonderful jars with the SMoooS logo. It was a symbolic gesture of sharing, working together as a team to achieve a common goal.

As they did this, the team realized that effective communication, the ability to adapt and improve, and outstanding performance were like the ingredients of a perfect recipe.

The strategy was to bring all these components together harmoniously and synchronously to achieve extraordinary results.

These are the same principles that guide our work with clients. Through our SMS and Email marketing platform, we help our clients communicate effectively, adapt to the changing market needs, and achieve outstanding performance.

So, while participating in the IAB Forum, with basil seed pencils in the hands of visitors and the taste of pesto in their hearts, the team will know they had achieved something truly special.

They will demonstrate that communication, transformation, and performance are more than just business concepts – they are tangible experiences that could change reality.

In a similar way, we help our clients grow their businesses sustainably and fragrantly, just like the basil plant that continues to thrive.

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