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You are probably wondering why you should choose SMoooS for your marketing strategy. Well, let’s first have a look at what this Platform does: with all our services explained you’ll soon find out that SMoooS is just the perfect ally for your business.

After 15 years in the telecommunication wholesale market, and with more than 150 established interconnections with the main international operators, Carrier Italia has decided to take the next step and to put its own experience and professionalism at the service of a new target that includes SME, communication agencies and professionals.

With this basic concept in mind, last October we brought SMoooS to life.

SMoooS is an SMS and Email Marketing Platform.

The Platform is extremely easy to use and user-friendly, and it also has the great advantage of requiring no additional costs and no setup fees. It was a choice of Carrier Italia to launch the Platform without any membership fee required, therefore allowing the user to benefit all of the Platform features and services from the very moment of the subscription. Moreover, the Credit Recharging system can be managed in full autonomy.

To get a glimpse of the Platform features, you can simply fill in the subscription form with your business details (since this service is meant for the B2B market) and provide a valid phone number in order to receive the OTP code necessary for completing the subscription process. At this point you’ll be able to access the Platform with a little welcome on-board kit: 250 e-mails and 3,25€ to use for sending SMS. Just what you need to immediately start exploring the many advantages offered by SMoooS!

Let’s have a closer look at the available services in the SMoooS Marketing Section!

E-mail and SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMoooS allows you to carry out E-mail and SMS marketing campaigns addressing an unlimited number of contacts and without any restriction in the upload (from Excell or CSV) and creation of the lists.  For each and every list it is possible to customize the subscription form and to include it as an Embedded Form in the HTML code of your website or in a landing page to be shared even via SMS. As an alternative, the Platform makes it possible to manage the lists’ subscription and unsubscription through an API procedure. Do you want to add yet another bow to your string? With SMoooS not only you can tailor the Platform-native subscription form to match it with your own brand identity, but you can also get customized Opt-in and Opt-out Autoresponders! The GDPR compliance is guaranteed by the Double Opt-in Management.

Creating effective messages and e-mails is a vital tool to actually reach the audience and to catch the eye of the target among the increasingly high overexposure to communications that we experience daily. Just a few simple steps are what you need to inform, to promote and to engage.

Starting from the outline of the target and then moving on to actually composing the message’s content and creating its graphic design, you can follow the procedure step by step, all the way through the sending and the final monitoring of the results’ analysis.

With SMoooS you can tailor the message’s content according to the different receivers by using the dynamic field tool. There is no limit to the profiling fields that can be associated to each list and that can be recalled as a variable.


To create unique communications for your community SMoooS puts at your disposal a wide range of prefilled templates and a very versatile Drag & Drop Editor, alongside with a lot of different compelling features such as the incorporation of the media, the customization of the reply address, the HTML embedment for creativity and the sharing of the newsletters on social media.


SMoooS proposes a detailed and complete reporting that enables you to have full control of the performance of the ongoing campaigns. The report containing all the main details about the communications will be available directly on the Platform or it can be downloaded as a pdf. As an addiction, by using the Click Map tool you can have a complete overview of the main countries from which your readers and visitors are from. The Map also displays an overview of all the links contained in the emails and of the number of people who clicked on the contents, alongside with information about the unsubscribe rate and bounces.

Landing Page

Want to invite your community to events or webinars? Esay as a pie with our landing page,! Thanks to these ad-hoc conteiners for subscription forms you can collect all the useful contacts and use call to action strategies to invite your readers to interact with you. SMoooS allows you create web pages in a very simple manner, also customizing the URL and even monitoring the performance of the website and to promote it via SMS.

Marketing Automation

Other features are related to the Marketing Automation, building drip campaigns from internal and external triggers and giving you the possibility to share the message on the social media

Other Services

Free guides and articles

Finally, SMoooS also offers free guides to better grasp insights on how to improve your marketing strategies, concerning both SMS and e-mail marketing. The guides contains business cases of interest, detailed explanations and handy tutorials about how to use the Platform and how to set and manage your campaigns.

The blog offers in-depth articles about the industry themes with pictures and deep dives on the strategies.


All these features will be at your disposal even when using the free trial account! The Platform offers many advantages, among which sending communications with no daily or monthly limits, no restriction on the profiling fields and stats downloadable as pdf.

Come to discover all of SMoooS services, start your free trial!