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SMS (Short Message Service) continues to be a valuable tool, not only for conventional communications but also for raising funds for charitable causes or emergency situations. Charitable SMS is a well-established method that allows individuals to send donations to specially activated fundraisers to make a tangible contribution.

But how can this medium be effectively utilized? Let’s explore it together!

What is Charitable SMS?

Charitable SMS enables donations for a wide range of causes. After choosing the service provider, a dedicated phone number is activated to which users can send messages or make direct calls. Typically, the number consists of 5 digits, and the cost of each message can range from 1 to 2 euros, while donations made from landlines can reach 5 or 10 euros.

However, there is an effective alternative to Charitable SMS: SMS with a direct link to a payment page or a dedicated landing page. This solution offers greater flexibility and allows for providing additional details about the cause, engaging users more comprehensively.

How to Activate the Charitable Number?

The concerned organization must request the activation of the charitable number 60 days before the actual project communication to obtain the necessary documentation and permissions to broadcast the number. Once activated, it’s time to promote the initiative, often done through a plan that may involve various communication channels such as TV programs, charity events, radio, social media, email, and more.

Types of SMS and Communication Activity Planning

Firstly, there are two different types of SMS: temporary, usable for a maximum of 21 days, or permanent, with a validity period of one year, but rarely used in Italy.

Once the type is determined, it is necessary to plan the communication activity to spread the number and reach as many people as possible. This can happen in various ways, but it is crucial to maintain extensive media coverage to ensure reaching the set goal, given the maximum donation amount from each phone.

Therefore, special events are often organized, such as football matches, prime-time TV programs to reach a larger audience, along with communications through traditional means like radio, print, and billboards. Social media can also play a significant role in spreading messages of solidarity; testimonials and influencers can be involved, reaching a broader audience through videos and posts, thereby supporting the causes they are engaged with.

Advantages of SMS for Fundraising

The main advantage of Charitable SMS is the ease with which users can contribute to an important cause without undergoing complex procedures.

However, SMS with a link to the payment page provides greater flexibility and allows for more in-depth details about the cause.

In both cases, the involvement of prominent brands and sponsors contributes to broad media coverage, supporting medical causes, emergency situations, or natural disasters.

SMS remains a powerful tool that, with a simple click, allows anyone to contribute concretely and offer their support.